How we work

Our consultants have been around for quite some time and we collectively have more than 100 years of experience on the so-called legacy mainframe platform as well as the PC and Unix/Linux environment.

Projects:†††† We pride ourselves in delivering quality work/solutions within budget and time.We therefore do most of our project work on a quoted time-and-material basis.These quotes are prepared by our senior consultants considering as far as possible risks and external impacts, and in very few cases have we missed the so-called boat.However, no matter how carefully one plans, these things do happen and any company offering similar services that claims it doesnít havenít been around long enough.We therefore always include a management portion in all our larger project quotations

Service Agreements:†††† We offer several types of service agreements.From a monthly fixed maintenance fee where we for example maintain your Database Management System [DBMS] with regular maintenance and performance tuning to a simple monthly retainer that allows you access to our support infrastructure and expert consultants should some major disaster hit your companies I.T infrastructure.

Advisory services and system/process audits:Your company from time to time needs a shake-up and vulnerability check, be it your I.T security infrastructure.System utilisation.Processes (Automated as well as manual).These skills rarely are available in-house as the individuals that developed these skills are usually promoted into a more managerial position or leave to join companies like ours.We provide these services at a fixed price and duration.

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